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Vermont Grazed Beef

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Vermont Grazed Beef

from the pastures of our 5th generation family farm

  • Our American Aberdeen Angus cattle are always 100% grass fed & finished. They spend 3 seasons grazing beautiful tracts of lush pasture, and they winter on high quality hay and haylage harvested right here on our family farm. We invest in the best genetics in our animals for tender, flavorful, well-marbled beef. Caring for our animals is our top priority, followed by protecting the environment and providing an excellent product. Taste the difference for yourself!

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We're upholding the legacy of farming on family land, while ensuring its productivity for generations to come

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We use Regenerative Agriculture practices to improve our soil every year, maximizing carbon sequestration while minimizing harmful runoff.

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Grass-fed beef is packed with essential nutrients, leaner than conventional beef, and contains a healthier ratio of omega-3 fatty acids

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We love sharing our story so you always know where your meat is coming from and how it's raised

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We've carefully selected our herd's genetics to have only premium marbling, tenderness, and flavor

Hi, we're Jake & Ali!

We met studying Animal Science at the University of Vermont. Jake always knew he wanted to take over his family's Vermont farm, so after graduation we settled down on that land for a 5th generation of responsible stewardship. We've been working hard every day since to care for our growing herd and build our business from the ground up!