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Vermont Grazed Beef

Quarter Share of Beef

Quarter Share of Beef

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An easy way to stock up without filling the entire freezer. This beef share includes a great variety of cuts from the entire animal for you to enjoy. The contents of 1/4 share will vary from time to time depending on what cuts are in stock. If a cut is out of stock we will replace it with another cut of equal or higher value. 

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Here's what is currently included in a 1/4 beef share...

1 lb Ground beef (x25)
Short Ribs (x4)
T-Bone Steak (x2)
Rib Steak (x2)
Porterhouse (x2)
Shanks/Soup Bones (x2)
Bottom Round Roast (x2)
Brisket (x1)
Eye Round Roast (x1)
Sirloin Steak (x2)
Top Round Steak(x2)
Tenderloin Steak (x2)

Approximately 60 lbs of great tasting nutritious beef.