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Vermont Grazed Beef

Whole Beef Deposit

Whole Beef Deposit

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A great economical way to fill your freezer for the year is to buy a half or whole beef. Have your beef custom cut and get to choose exactly how you'd like your beef processed in our local USDA Certified facility! We'll be happy to help you go over the cut order form to help you decide what cuts you want.  Each beef hangs for approximately 2 weeks before being cut up and vacuum sealed. The nice thing about Lowline Angus is that they're a smaller framed animal, so a whole or a half of an animal won't require you to buy multiple freezers for storage as traditionally larger beef breeds would.

1 whole beef weighs ~400-450 lbs Hanging Weight  resulting in approximately 200-240 lbs of consumable meat. The total cost of a beef is $6.25/lb of the Hanging Weight, which equates to $2,500-$2,925 per whole beef. 

This price includes transportation of the animal to and from the processor, and the cost of Processing & Packaging. 

How it works:

-A deposit of $300 is required to reserve your half/whole beef. Must be reserved ahead of time.

-We send you the cut form for the processing facility to fill out.

-We drop off the beef to be processed and will pick it up for you when it's done 2 weeks later.  Final payment will be due upon your beef's delivery/pick-up. 

-And we'll include free local delivery! 

We'll deal with the processor so you can simply enjoy the beef.